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We work with producers who are constantly pushing the limits of what coffee can be.  Experience unique varietals, innovative processing techniques, and exotic origins through our special release series.

*Double Special Release* - Yemen

Featuring two special releases from Haraaz, Yemen. One roasted for filter by producer Baqeil Mani of Al Mamurah; delicate and tea-like with exotic notes of fruit and spice. Another from producer Al Aizi Ahmed of Al Dhahra, roasted for espresso with a syrupy body and deep sweetness reminiscent of traditional sticky toffee pudding.

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At Continuum Coffee, we believe there is a coffee for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a rich espresso, a bright pour-over, or a nice decaf, we’ve got you covered.

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Interested in bringing Continuum Coffee to your business?  Let’s chat!  We offer volume discounts, tastings, and can also provide consultation and training.

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Ready to take your coffee to the next level?  Choose from our carefully curated list of coffee gear and equipment, and use our brew guides to craft that perfect cup.

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Words From Our Customers

Always Fresh

"The coffee is roasted in small batches which guarantees that it’s always fresh. There’s nothing quite like the smell of opening a new bag." - Mark

Great Espresso

"If you are looking for a great espresso blend, Final Proof is an excellent choice! It’s got the perfect combination of nutty and chocolaty flavours. It’s definitely my go to choice for espresso" - Tanya


"Continuum places Vancouver on the map as a source for world-class high-quality specialty coffees.  It’s my single stop shop for both my daily driver and adventuring with new flavours." - Matt

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Brewing Guides

Discover a variety of easy-to-follow recipes tailored to specific coffee gear, ensuring you get the most out of every brew. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast, our guide will inspire and guide you to prepare your perfect cup.

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Read stories and articles on all things coffee. From topics on what exactly specialty coffee is to features about the producers we work with, learn with us about a wide range of themes that involve everything from bean to cup.

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About Us

Learn about our journey into coffee and how our passion for coffee and the relationships we have built over time have led us to where we are today. As strong believers of continuous improvement, we are constantly striving to bring you the best possible cup.

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